Time Remaining

Super Mario Time Attack
The game is extraordinarily simple, even more than the original Mario since...
...entire game, besides the time of course. All ...since you have to remain "literally" untouched from...
Free Timer
Comfort Software Group
Free Timer is a utility that allows you to create countdown timers that display the remaining time as a colored section...
...timers that display the remaining time as a colored ...will display the time corresponding to the...
Countdown Timer
Beagle Software
CountDown Timer is the perfect tool to use to remind you of things...
CountDown Timer is the perfect tool to use to remind you of all the things that are too important to...
BlingClock Timer
Paul McGuire
BlingClock is an easy to use program that offers you a visual display of the time remaining for a certain task...
...a visual display of the time remaining for a certain task. You ...: Countdown, Stopwatch and Time Mode.
Time Boss
NiceKit Software
Time Boss is a universal time manager that can perform a range of functions from setting time limits...
...usage statistics, displaying remaining time and managing list ...programs and sites. Time Boss is also...
Time Boss Pro
Time Boss Pro is a program that allows you to administrate the usage of any computer by any user...
Time Boss Pro is a program ...PC or from Internet. Time Boss Pro control offers...
BPS Poker Timer
BPS Poker Timer is a free program that keeps track of your poker sessions. It gives you information regarding...
...prize pool and the time remaining til the next table...
Chainlove Countdown Timer
Chainlove Countdown Timer is a Google Chrome extension for those who must keep a vigilant...
...com and displays the time remaining for the current deal...
Timer ScreenSaver
Timer ScreenSaver is a screensaver that displays a digital timer on the computer...
...left idle or the time remaining before the system shut ...and how much time will pass before the...
Karen's Countdown Timer II
Karen Kenworthy
Karen’s countdown timer II can save your time, because it can work as your...
...do your work on time. So Karen’s countdown timer ...your computer at scheduled time, if you have an...
The PC Timer
Buffalo Software
The PC Timer is a simple timer that can inform you of the remaining time when you're in the middle of doing something...
...customize the time and time remaining colors, a ...timer's remaining time, and the scheduled...
Simple Jungle Timer
Mark Levy
Simple Jungle Timer is a free jungle timer for the League of Legends: Summoner’s...
...notifications for how much time is left when ...when 1 minute remains and 30 seconds remain and when...
Karen's Time Cop
Karen Kenworthy
There are a lot of situations in our life when we need not to forget about running time. For example...
...to forget about running time. For example, when ...with elapsed or passed time appears on your desktop...
FW Timer
David S Keighan
This means staring at the count-down timer on Fish Wrangler, pretty much constantly. Well, this isn't all...
...of when it is time to get back to ...distracting animation. The exact time remaining on the timer is...
Timer 2007
Tushar Mehta
Timer for Microsoft PowerPoint is a software add in that provides 3 different types of time displays, though only...
...slideshow the current time, count down the time remaining for the...

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